Peopleperhour is a UK based website for advertisement of freelance work. Unlike other freelancing websites, peopleperhour pays on and hourly basis. Peopleperhour strives to help people start and build their own businesses and live their dream of being independent. It has a provided a platform where sellers sell their freelance services and buyers purchase these services.

Why Peopleperhour:

  • Work with top-notch talent: boost your project success by hiring handpicked professional Freelancers
  • Save your money, time & peace of mind: no payroll hassle, no overheads, no agencies
  • Hire today, have results tomorrow: collaborate effortlessly and track the progress
  • Have complete control over your projects: your funds will sit safely in deposit until you’re satisfied with deliverables.
How it works:
1. There are three steps to sell your services:
a). Build your profile:
Add your bio, photos etc to your profile. The more eye catching your profile the more jobs you would get. Profiles are ranked based on economic activity per month. You can move up the rank by buying or selling a service.
b). Send proposals:
Search for different jobs according to your area and level of expertise. An individual can send up to 15 proposals per month. However if a proposal is rejected the credit is transferred back to the individuals account.
c). Post Hourlies:
Hourlies are the services you post on peopleperhour and get paid for on an hourly basis. You can photos, videos and quotes to your hourlies. Finally you just need to add a price and hit post.
2. Workstream:
Your workstream contains all the threads right next to one another all in one place. You can track job history as well as request a proposal for follow up work. You can request proposals in seconds, manage your invoices, request deposits aswell as message your clients. Transact, share, message and get paid all in one place. The workstream keeps it all together.
3. Get rated:
Get reviewed for your work and have the buyer coming back for more. You can raise your ranking by selling or buying a service.
Peopleperhour is a great platform that focuses on freelancing for web projects. If you are a designer, web developer, SEO specialist, content writer, social media strategist e.t.c, Peopleperhour is the place for you

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