First Blogger’s Meet Up Peshawar

Hey Guys,
         I have been blogging since 2010 and never in all these years have I attended such an informative session in my own city of Peshawar. This was the first ever bloggers meet-up held in Peshawar. It was nice to meet other bloggers from the area and also the same field I might add. 
The meet-up was attended by Faiza Khan, Muhammad Ismail, Salman Ahmed, Haseeb Shah, Maryam Asfand, Aqil Amjad and many other new and old bloggers. 

This meet-up was the beginning of a whole new era of blogging in Peshawar. Will be looking forward to more meet-ups in the future and meeting new and old bloggers from Peshawar.
A special thanks to Peshawar 2.0 for hosting the meet-up and The Mentors Pakistan for sponsoring the event. 

Hope you all liked this post. Stay tuned for more and thank you for your time.

Maheen S.
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