DIY:Make your own EOS Solid Perfume

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Hey Guys,

    Today’s post is going to be a little different. I will show you how to make a solid perfume in an eos container. Now this has been done before on the internet so I am in in no way claiming that I came up with the idea myself.

What you need:

1.    An eos container

2.    Any chapstick containing beeswax
3.    Vaseline
4.    Your favorite perfume
5.    A bowl to mix everything in
6.    Acrylic Paint (optional)


1.    Empty up your eos container and clean it thoroughly.

2.    Next seperate the grate of the container drom the bottom half of the container.

3.    Paint the lid and bottom half of the container

4.    In a bowl place the chapstick and vaseline.

5.    Heat it in the microwave on intervals of 30 seconds till it turn completely liquid.
6.    Once done add the perfume. I am using a sample so I poured in the entire thing. In case of a spray bottle add 10-15 sprays.

7.    Not screw the grate to the lid of the eos and pour in your mixture. Making sure to cover the grate.
8.    Place in the freezer for an hour.
9.    Once done click the bottom and top halves of the container back together. This does require a little force.

10.  Slowly uncrew the top lid and voila your eos solid perfume is ready. 

Hope you all liked this post. Stay tuned for more and thank you for your time.

Maheen S.
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