ColorPop In Bloom Set Review

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      After spending the past two weeks or more, totally wrapped up in studying for my mids I am finally free. I received this is my mail a couple weeks ago and after trying it out for a couple days I am now going to review it. Now we all know how easily ColourPop has managed to sweep everyone off their feet with their amazing eyeshadows and lip products. This was the first time that i got to try out their cheek products aswell.

ColourPop In Bloom Set

ColorPop In Bloom Set was released in collaboration with Jamie Greenberg. 

Jamie Greenberg is a Makeup Artist in Los Angeles Specializing in Beauty, Red Carpet, Celebrity and Editorial Makeup.

ColourPop In Bloom Set

This set contains three cheek products and three lippie stix. The cheek products are 4.2g each and the lippie stix are 1.0g each. The color theme of the set reminds me of spring with the flowers and all shades of pink on the outside and inside of the box.

ColourPop In Bloom Set

Cheek Products:

Starting off with the cheek products. The set contains 2 matte blushes and 1 highlighter. Some things they all see to have in common are:
1. The texture,
2. The longevity,
3. and The pigmentation. 

Tongue Tied:

ColourPop Tongue Tied Super Shock Cheek

Tongue Tied is a bright, orange-coral color with warm undertones and very slight hint of shimmer. It is not entirely matte. It is very pigmented hence a little goes a long way. Due to the texture it can be applied with fingers aswell as with a brush, however, when applied with a brush you will get a more sheer coverage. It comes packed with opacity so blending is key unless you don’t mind looking like a clown. 

Double Dip:

ColourPop Double Dip Super Shock Cheek
Double Dip is the highlight shade. It is a muted champagne color with a very natural sheen to it. It the pan it may seem frosty but when applied gives a beautiful glow to my NC25 skintone. I do have to add that the texture f this seems lighter than the other cheek products but fllowing the lines of the same clay like finish they all have. The longevity for this is top notch.


ColourPop Hysterical Super Shock Cheek
Hysterical is a muted plum shade with a slight hint of pink. The texture, blendibility and longevity are the same as the previous too. I am just not a huge fan of plumy shades on my skin-tone in general, especially when it comes to blush. Other than that it is a good product just the color is not really my cup of tea. 

Lippie Stix:

ColourPop Lippie Stix

The set contains three lippie stix. The lippie stix are an infamous product by ColorPop. The ones in the set are as follows:


ColourPop Frenemie Lippie Stix

Frenemie is a bold, slightly darkened, coral shade with a cream finish. One thing that matters most to me in lipsticks is the opacity of the product. This has a full coverage and glides on effortlessly. The lasting power on my lips was 3-4.5 hours. It did stain my lips very slightly after a 4 hour wear but nothing too noticeable. 


ColourPop Sweet-Thing Lippie Stix

Sweet-thing on my lips seems like a true pink, with cool undertones and a slightly glossy finish. In the tube however it appears a little more plum. It glides on the lips very smoothly and does not settle into fine lines. The opactity is gret with this color aswell.


ColourPop Freshman Lippie Stix

Freshman is a bright hot pink with a creamy, glossy finish. The texture was once again light and smooth but it did have the highest longevity that was upto 5.5-6 hours. This however did stain my lips afterwards but since it was a pink stain it wasn’t too noticeable on my lips. 

Final Verdict:

The final verdict is that this a great set for someone who likes bright, vibrant, floral colors. The quality and longevity is amazing as usual for ColorPop items. I would have liked to see a matte lipshade thrown in though but oh well. The price for this set if $39 for a total net weight of 15.88 grams or 0.56oz. One drawback is that I want the packaging to be like that of MAC blushes instead of the screw on lids. 


4.5/5 stars

Hope you all liked this review. Stay tuned for more and thank you for your time.

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