Review: theBalm Shady Lady Special Edition Palette

I got my hands on this beauty, keep on reading to find out my thoughts about this palette:

Hey Guys,
   Today I am going to talk about another palette from my theBalm cosmetics collection,obsessed much I know. The infamous Shady Lady Palette. I have the special edition version. The palette contains 9 eyeshadows, three of which can be used as an eyeliner aswell.   

 theBalm Shady Lady Special Edition Palette 
 theBalm Shady Lady Special Edition Palette 

Out of the 9 this palette doesn’t contain a singe matte eyeshadow which obviously like my self alot of people would not be very pleased about. Keeping that aside I am gonna give you a little in-depth description of each shade.

 theBalm Shady Lady Special Edition Palette 
 theBalm Shady Lady Special Edition Palette 

The picture above shows the palette in natural lighting so you can have a better idea about the colors.

Fiesty Felicia: 

It is a very deep,almost black, purple color with hints of purple micro glitter. Good for applying to the crease and blending out towards the outer corner. Haven’t tried it as an eyeliner though. It looks very beautiful in the pan I just wish the color pigmentation was better.

Caught in the act Courtney: 

This color to me seems the exact same as the Lid/Liner color from theBalm Autobalm California Palette. Its a deep brown with hints of copper-ish micro glitter. Haven’t tried it as an eyeliner but love it for deepening the makeup look. You do need to build the product up though. Pigmentation is so so.

Shameless Shana: 

It is a shimmery copper shade, but leans more towards the brown side. The pigmentation is pretty good on this shade.

Insane Jane: 

It is a medium dark shimmery taupe color. In my opinion it doesn’t seem dark enough to be a liner. As an eyeshadow however I thinks its the most practical out of the bunch.

Mischievous Marissa:

It is very similar to Shameless shana. It is more orange-ish coppery though. Great pigmentation aswell. Would suit blue eyes really well.

Just this once Jamie:

It is a shimmery purple toned grey color. I would have liked this a little more if the pigmentation was better.

Envious Erin:

It is a shimmery, pale vanilla-ish color. I do like it very much for highlighting my brow bone and inner corners.

Devilish Danielle:

Similar to Envious Erin this also seems like a highlight color, however this is more of a champagne color.

Luscious Lani:

It is a shimmery peach-ish pink. Good for your everyday neutral eye.


Rs:2500 from Hash Pakistan.

Final Verdict:

Keeping aside the whole no matte eyeshadow issue, it is a pretty good palette. It has very sleek packaging going along with the whole vintage theme theBalm has going on. The size of the palette is very practical and the mirror inside is a good size aswell. The formula in my opinion could have been better. The shadows are very soft to touch. I mean a little pressure forms a dent in the shadows. So while applying these shadows try to steer away from any brushes that have hard bristles and try to keep a light hand. The eyeshadows blend beautifully though and for the price its a pretty decent palette.


3.5/5 stars
Hope you all liked this review. Stay tuned for more and thank you for your time.

Maheen S.

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