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Hey guys!

So quite recently I got my hands on a couple of products by theBalm including their infamous Mary-lou Manizer. Since it was my first time trying their products I went a little over board and bought one too many of their products a few of which I mentioned in my August Haul post. I know I know this brand has been the talk of the town for quite some time now but I was so busy with my MACs that I paid very little attention to all the new goodies around me. 

Now a little peek of the palette. Its comes in the classic balm vintage style packaging and consists of a multipurpose blush and 3 shadows. By multipurpose I mean that each eyeshadow aswell as the blush in the palette have an alternate method of using that product written next to it. 

As you can see from the picture above that the Blush can also be used as a shadow, the shadows can be used to apply on the lid and crease along with that they can also be used as brow powder, highlighter and liner. To sum it up this is supposed to be an all rounder palette that you can use solely for an entire face of makeup.

Now I am going to go a little more in-depth with the actual products and whether or not this palette really is as practical as it seems.

1. The Blush/Shadow:

   I have been trying to find a good pink bush for myself for quite sometime. I have a NC-25 skintone but for some reason all the pink blushes I get either appear ashy on my cheeks or start to look muddy as I blend them out. This blush is a coral that is not too orange and not too pink which I think will suit a good many skintones. It looks very natural on my skin and gives me a beautiful flush of color on my cheeks without making me look like:
a. a clown
b. someone who does not know where the contour ends and the blush begins.
As far as the shadow part is concerned I am not really a fan of this color on my lids but it might work on someone with a lighter skintone or maybe a lighter eye color such as blue.


2. The Highlighter/Shadow:

   As I mentioned earlier that I have an NC-25 skintone which means that I have a very yellow undertone to my skin. Thus when it comes to highlighters I tend to opt for more yellow/ warm shades like the MAC MSF in Soft and Gentle or  theBalm Mary-lou Manizer. This highlighter is very pink toned and doesn’t really suit me but I can see myself using this as an eyeshadow to highlight my inner corners and brow bone. I did give this highlighter another shot by using it on my mother who is an NW-15. She seemed to like it very much. So if you are light you can probably get more use out of it.

3. The Brow/Crease:

   In my opinion every single palette in the world needs to have a matte brown eyeshadow. Being someone who has hooded eyelids its very difficult to find a palette with a good range of matte eyeshadows. The second I saw this shade in the palette I immediately knew that this would now be my go to crease color. It suits my skintone really well. Its not too warm so it doesn’t start to appear brick red after a while. Its a great transition color along with that I used it on my eyebrows once. I am not really big on the brow game and don’t really tend to do much to my eyebrows other than combing them with a brow/lash wand. However I did notice that it did a pretty good job at making my eyebrows look defined but not harsh.

4. The Lid/Liner:

I am a liquid liner person so as far as using this product as a liner is concerned, Yes since it is pretty dark and pigmented you could you use it as a liner by adding a little MAC fix +, however I did not try it out as a liner. Instead I used it with my Sigma E25 to darken the outer corners of my eyes and give depth to my eye makeup look. It is definitely a beautiful dark brown with hints of copper-ish glitter. If I am not wrong the exact same shade is also present in theBlam Shady Lady Special Edition Palette.


Rs:1500 from Hash Pakistan.

Final Verdict:

Overall I am pretty impressed with the palette. The swatches show the pigmentation of the products and right of the bat you can tell that the pigmentation is pretty good and so is the quality.I do think its a very practical palette and I could carry it around with me for touchups due to its light weight. However I would have loved if the highlight shade was more yellow undertoned but oh well. I would definitely recommend this palette to a friend.


4.5/5 stars
Hope you all liked this review. Stay tuned for more and thank you for your time.

Maheen S.

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