Review: Lorac Pro 2 Palette

Got my hands on the Lorac Pro 2 palette. Keep reading to know my thoughts.
Hey Guys,
      A few weeks back I got my hands on the Lorac Pro 2 Palette. Unfortunately I have not been able to use the original Lorac Pro palette yet. Hopefully I will get a chance to use that soon. 

What LORAC says:


The sequel to our original, best-selling pro palette and created by celebrity makeup artist carol shaw, this pro artistry palette is packed with 8 shimmer and 8 matte velvety-smooth, ultra-pigmented eye shadows.


8 Shimmer Shadows 8 Matte Shadows Use wet or dry Contains Brow Shades Includes Mini Eye Primer.

Suggested Use:

Prime, highlight, contour and line. PRO Eye Shadows can be used wet or dry. Use wet as eye liner.

Mini Behind the Scenes Eye Primer
The top row contains all matte eye shadows starting from the lightest,Buff, to the darkest,Black.
Buff: It is a light beige color. It doesn’t really show up on my skin in the swatch. It is a dupe for Her Mistress by MAC.

Lt.Brown: It is a warm, medium brown eye shadow with a matte finish. I love using this in my crease as a transition color or a subtle contour. The pigmentation is very nice and the color glides on smoothly due to the silky texture. It is very similar to Latte by Makeup Geek.

Cool Gray: It is a cool toned, almost taupe, gray color. Honestly I personally haven’t really gotten around to using this much since I lean more towards warmer colors but it does seems good for neutral everyday eye looks.

Nectar: It is such a beautiful muted peach color. In the pan it looks amazing and don’t get me wrong the pigmentation and color payoff is outstanding aswell but its just gives a slight hint of color on my NC 25 skintone. If I was a little lighter it might have showed up a little better. Dupe for this would be Inglot#341.

Plum: I love any eye shadow in this color family because it really just gives me a good pop of color and brings out the brown color in my eyes. Its is a dark plum-ish purple color with warm undertones and a matte finish. The pigmentation of this color is very good. Although its texture isn’t as smooth as the rest of the matte eye shadows in this palette. It seems to me as a muted, more toned down version of Makeup Forever#160.

Navy: It is a dark, slightly brightened, navy blue color with a matte finish. I am up for anything that is navy so my excitement level to try out this shadow was pretty high. Now the eye shadow is pretty pigmented but a little powdery. Therefore it doesn’t seem to adhere well to the skin, so if you blend it out some of the pigmentation decreases. It is very very similar to Prussian by MAC but Prussian is lean more towards the green end.

Charcoal: It is a medium-dark gray with a matte finish. It has a more powdery texture. It is an almost dupe for Soot by MAC.

Black: What is an eye shadow palette without a basic black eye shadow. Black, as the name suggests is a plain, matte black eye shadow. The texture was similar to that of Navy.

The bottom row consists of all shimmer shadows.

Snow: It a shimmery white eye shadow with a frosty finish. The pigmentation is good if you pack the color on. It reminded me of Zephyr from the Urban Decay Book of Shadows IV.

Beige: It is a light peach-ish beige color with a frost finish and warm undertone. I like the pigmentation of this eye shadow very much. The texture is very soft and silky and slightly powdery. It is pretty similar to Rivera by Too Faced.

Rose: It is a bright rose gold color with a metallic finish and warm undertones. I have no idea why but just looking at this color reminds me of Belle from Beauty and the Beast. This is one of my favorite eye shadows in terms of texture, color payoff and longevity. 

Mocha: It is a dark brown with warm undertones and a frosty finish. Texture and pigmentation once again was very good. So was the longevity. It is a good dupe for Sable by MAC.

Chrome:  It is a gray-ish taupe with a frosty finish. It seemed to me as a non-matte version of Cool gray. Texture, pigmentation and longevity right on point. It is a good dupe for Derailed from the Urban Decay Vice 2 palette.

Silver: It a light-medium, slightly warm toned silver eye shadow with a metallic finish. It is similar to Revolt by Urban Decay.

Jade: is a medium forest green color with olive undertones and a shimmery finish. The pigmentation is excellent and the texture is very smooth. It is a dupe for Greensmoke for MAC.

Cocoa: It is a rich dark reddish brown with a soft shimmery finish. The color payoff was fantastic and the texture was very blend-able. It is a dupe for Carbonized by MAC.

Final Verdict:

I really like this eye shadow palette. Similar to the Lorac Pro, the Lorac Pro 2 comes in a sleek packaging. Unlike the original black palette this is in a charcoal color. The palette includes sixteen eye shadows along with a Mini Behind the scenes eye primer. It contains a good selection of shimmer, matte, neutral and dark eye shadows. Allowing the user to create different looks varying in finishes and levels of depth. The eye shadows in texture are very soft, long wearing and blend-able however a couple of them have a somewhat powdery texture to them that can result in fallout if not applied properly with a primer underneath. I have created two looks above to show that you can create a natural as well as a dramatic look with this palette. Excuse my horrible mascara and lash application. I was in a hurry because i wanted to take these pictures in natural lighting and the sun was going down. 


4.5/5 stars

Hope you all liked this review. Stay tuned for more and thank you for your time.

Maheen S.

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