Cazibe Pret – #1 Clothing Line in Peshawar by Mahnoor Arbab

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This summer is all about pallazos, jumpsuits, bold prints e.t.c. Pallazos and Jumpsuits have been gaining reputation all over Pakistan but the brand that introduced this trend in Peshawar is Cazibe Pret. With over 1300 likes on Facebook Cazibe Pret has been the sole provider of Pallazos, Jumpsuits and Silk as well as Lawn shirts to the Middle and Higher classes of Peshawar. 

Their unique designs have won the hearts of many girls in Peshawar but hold on that’s not it. Cazibe Pret provides clothing NATION WIDE! With in the short amount of time that the line has existed it has already appeared on several news channels including Samaa and Geo TV. 

On the 6th and 7th of July Cazibe Pret held an exhibition at the Concepteurs Lounge Peshawar. This exhibition was not only a huge success but was also featured in the newspaper. Down below is a picture of the article.

You can visit the Facebook page of The Concepteurs Lounge to see pictures of the exhibition. People all over Peshawar came to the exhibition and have been wanting for more ever since.

The designer of this line, Mahnoor Arbab, has put great effort into making this line what it is. She has encouraged many girls to follow their dreams of Fashion designing.
Ordering her clothes is very convenient since its an on-line business. She also provides the service of customized orders so that’s definitely a plus point as well.

Personally I love her line for its uniqueness. Its not everyday you see such beautifully designed clothes. Her designs make the simple fabrics look so beautiful. The way her clothes drape and provide elegance is beyond anything I have seen before

Now for the most awaited part of the post. The exclusive interview of Mahnoor Arbab!

Name: Mahnoor Arbab

Age: 20

1. How does it feel to know that your clothing line has been ranked #1 in Peshawar?
I feel ecstatic and I am thankful to almighty Allah for blessing me with much more than I deserve. A lot of hard work was put into this project and the end product is right in front of you.

2.Was it difficult establishing the line?
No, It wasn’t difficult establishing Cazibe Pret but that’s probably because I was so immersed into it due to enthusiasm that I didn’t realize. My parents, who also pitched in financially were my biggest support and my sister Meena is also part of this line with me. 

3.What was your inspiration for this line? 
Honestly, It was just a trial attempt. I had some ideas in mind and so I decided to put them into practice by designing some outfits. I hadn’t imagined that I would be blessed with instant success and now also fame.

4.What does fashion mean to you as a developing fashion designer? 
Fashion to me simply means the way you carry yourself and the way people see you or identify you for your peculiar style.

5.Do you think you have to keep in mind the Social and Economic factors while designing clothing? 
Economic and Social factors to some extent Yes, Cazibe pret not only caters to Peshawar but also delivers clothes all over Pakistan through on-line marketing and selling. This way we take customized orders from our clients and design the dresses accordingly. Cazibe Pret outfits, due to their normal rates coupled with their unique style are worn by both middle and higher classes, bringing quality and style together in an affordable range. Currently every item in our collection ranges between Rs. 3500-5000.

6.Do you think hair and make-up makes a difference on a model when promoting the designs? Why? 
Hair and make-up surely do make a difference , it boosts the model’s confidence and she carries the dresses comfortably. Its the overall look that matters, and a dress pulled off well can attract my impulsive buyers as well as those who would otherwise not buy it. 

7.Would you consider doing a fashion show, if given the chance? 
Yes certainly. I would love to do a fashion show, if I am given the opportunity, The idea sounds great to me.

8.Is this line a long term plan for you? 
Yes, It’s definitely a long term plan, my sister and I plan to take Cazibe Pret to a much higher level and make the people of Peshawar proud of us.

9.Lastly, what advice would you give to others who want to establish a business similar to yours? 
Fashion is a talent that is god gifted, not everyone can do it but yes if you enjoy designing and have the heart and patience to pursue it as a career you should go for it. One should stay focused, stay on track, form a good team of motivated and productive members and then just count on their luck. The fashion industry is quite competitive so one needs to keep introducing new stuff, be innovative and unique which I believe is the key to success. 

To shop from Cazibe Pret visit their Facebook Page

A big thanks to Fawad Azhar for providing the pictures on such short notice and to Mahnoor for taking out time from her vacation to provide me with the interview.

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